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We have scientifically designed tests right from adolescents in school to an adult at CXO level in corporate sector. Knowing oneself at every stage on one’s own life is the best thing for achieving success in family, work and social life



The tests are very flexible to be customized as per your requirements. We all know that the flexibility plays a big role in our life. We are open to design our tools the way you want it.



The tools are accompanied with Consultations, Coaching and Mentoring. We believe that for a sustainable success the assessment reports become more effective with CCM.

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It’s a comprehensive tool designed for the family, and children between the age group of 12-18 years. It focuses on assessing the family, to help them understand each other in a better way.


It is a multi-faceted assessment tool, which tells you about your personality, strengths and weaknesses. It provides a description about your way of dealing with others at work, home and social events.

PRISM Assessment

Based on the principles of Success Prism - 360° Transformation, the assessment is designed for young executives, mid-management and senior level management of corporates.

Sales Proficiency Tool

It’s based on a sales competency framework that covers the candidate's strategic and business focus, work ethic and resilience, and interpersonal skills. It measures a person’s personality and attributes.


It helps in assessing individual’s personality, learning styles, strengths and areas of improvement. It’s a comprehensive tool that provides suggestions to achieve excellence in studies, work and career.

Sparkle Plus

It’s a complete Aptitude and Interest battery. It measures 8 different aptitudes and profound interest of a person in various fields. It is used for providing career guidance.

MBA Specialization Tool

Developed for MBA aspirants, it aids them in deciding their final year specialization from HR, IT, Operations, Marketing, ICTM by measuring their traits, values and attitudes towards the fields.

Vocational Assessment

It’s designed for school drop outs and individuals who are willing to work in small sectors. It helps them realize their interest areas and receive trainings through our VTP programs.

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