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The 360° Transformation Approach

Achieving Success in life needs ‘targeted training’. There is a requirement of training the youth to help them create the right outlook, unassuming approach, open-mindedness and positive attitude. Trained individuals build capacity to understand and deal with their personal and professional lives, thus, maintaining a perfect balance between the two.

Motivation along with inculcation of success habits act as a foundation of Viztar’s Training Program. For Entrepreneurship development, the focus is set on imparting training in two additional virtues - Ethics and Accountability, which helps shape the character of an individual.

Success Prism

A single ray of light passing through a Prism will break into different colors, creating a striking rainbow. Similarly, an individual only realizes his true capabilities when he goes through the revolutionary training of ‘Success Prism’. The person is instantly transformed into an effective person, leader, and a great human being.

Success Prism is a powerful Success Achievement Program, which is used widely by individuals, corporates, and entrepreneurs as a part of their Leadership Skills Development Program. The Success Prism framework acts as a contributor in developing successful entrepreneurs and creating an employable talent pool. This further helps individuals create a better Self-image by developing Attitudinal Skills and Life Skills.

Media and Publishing

Viztar International, which also deals in publishing, has released over 400 books, covering varied titles from the industry. The pre and post-production involved in publishing are also carried out by Viztar.

Training Tools :

Audio / Video

Audio / Video

Distributing appropriate and correct Business Education throughout one's company is extremely important. It has been observed empirically that if Business Education is taken on a constant basis, chances of achieving success are higher.

For a more unified and focused approach, a Leader feels the need for a uniform and unchanging business message. Therefore, leaders utilizing our audio/video CDs avoid business messages or techniques from getting diluted, as an audio recording constantly conveys the same message.



The different topics covered in print are General Motivation, Selling Techniques, Sharpening Leadership Skills, Dream Making and Relationship Building Skills. International Best Selling Authors or experts, who have researched on a particular subject for years, put forth their techniques in these books. Thus, apart from being a recommended read, what you actually receive through these books are exceptional content from renowned writers.

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