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Health and Wellness

Your health needs your timely attention. Viztar has introduced a Health Monitoring System that has positively created a new health and wellness dimension with a universal approach to life. This Health Monitoring System is revolutionary, technologically advanced, and non-invasive.

Medicines may assure recovery from an illness. But, modern medicine, being the most dominant and widely practiced form, is restricted only to primary, secondary and tertiary preventions. With 200 centres across India, Viztar’s Health Monitoring System interprets a person’s present physical condition and forecasts any illness he is prone to in the future. It determines ‘hypo-health’ condition, forewarning him of ailments that may set in, so he can seek timely precautionary measures to prevent it. In other words, Health Monitoring System provides Hypo Health Alert with Preventive Healthcare, Predictable Diagnosis, and prognosis.

Health Monitoring System provides an accurate diagnosis of every vital organ within the human body and determines whether the organs and systems are functioning at their optimum levels. The System measures electrical microbial impulses generated by the human body through 24 points situated on the hands and feet. These points represent 12 vital organs namely, Lungs, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Urinary Bladder, Kidney, Gall Bladder and Liver.

Features of HMS

HMS Process

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To know more about HMS,kindly download HMS User Manual

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