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Corporate Training

Training is essential for the growth of every business, as it repays the company in the long run with better productivity and an improved retention level. Training improves an employee’s Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills,and Leadership Skills, Teamwork, It also improves one’s ability at better Time Management as well as Conflict Management,thus enabling Personality Development. This positively impacts an employee’s professional and personal role, which in turn influences his career growth and success.

Viztar International has conducted training for over 500 Corporates, Multi-Nationals, and MSMEs. This platform with its vast pool of experienced trainers offers training in 13 regional languages both in cities and small towns. Viztar International presently organizes more than 1000 training seminars across India, with an average attendance of 100000 participants every month, making it one of the largest Transformational Training Organizations in the world.

Training conducted by Viztar International transforms an individual from the mindset level. It bridges the gap between knowledge, skill set, attitude, and mind programming by bringing together several trainings and tools that build success habits in individuals. Viztar’s innovative ‘360° Approach’ is the first of its kind training in India.

Corporate Training Approach

Mindsphere Assessment Centre

Viztar International makes use of a unique element in its training – Assessments. Mindsphere Assessments is an independent Assessment Centre that encompasses 8 varied Assessment Tools that are both standard and scientific in nature. They effectively measure a person’s mental capabilities and behavioral style. Such assessments help in determining –

  1. The ability of an individual to make pertinent career choices,
  2. Areas in which an individual needs improvement
  3. The individual course of action.
To know more about Mindsphere Assessment Centre, click here .

Post assessments, the Training Program is followed by intense Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring Program that further assists the person in improving his concern areas.

Coaching is a Personal Development Program wherein an individual gets positive support, advice and guidance from a more experienced person belonging to the same field, to help improve his personal effectiveness.

The Counselling Process is one of the most powerful approaches, as it helps a person find a solution to his problem. Counselling empowers him to address and resolve interpersonal issues, thereby, encouraging him to make effective decisions, cope with crisis, and develop personal insights and resources.

Mentoring is a powerful tool for Personal Development and Empowerment. It is an impactful method of helping people progress in their careers and realizing their optimum potential.

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